I have been a keen follower of Mike Michalowicz for quite some time and Clockwork is his latest work. It aligns a lot with what I talk about in the Stop Doing List, but from a different perspective.

Clockwork talks about developing a simple approach to creating efficiency that allows you to focus on what matters the most, not just in work but also in life. Too often we find ourselves working harder and harder yet not actually making any significant change.

So many of us started our businesses because we had a vision of how we wanted to live. Yet over time we became bogged down with the day to day drama of business, constantly putting out fires or answering never-ending streams of questions. But simple changes to time management and systems can be the thing that allows us to do more with less.

This book is all about selective efficiency, not mass productivity. The biggest takeaway for me was taking time to focus on what Wisdom’s most important function is.

When the team and I all know where we need to focus our time and energy, that’s when the biggest leaps forward happen.

For me, time management is a constant study and skill that needs to be continually honed. Add this book to your reading list and tell me what you think.

Purchase the book here or the audio-book via Audible.