In July last year I had the good fortune to meet Dean Jackson at a conference I attended. I had lunch with him and was inspired by his personal philosophies as well as his marketing expertise.

When I got home one of the first things I did was access his Podcast, More Cheese Less Whiskers.

He has people call in for free flowing discussion and these callers are from all walks of life, with different challenges. He then applies his 8 Profit Activators and helps people understand the next step to move them towards their goals. Real, live brainstorming and hatching plans for people in business.

Here’s a link to access a copy of Deans, Breakthrough DNA, which goes into more depth on the 8 Profit Accelerators.

For those that work with me, they have heard me speak about the 9 Word Email. Well, Dean is who I learned this from. His simple yet effective way of thinking when it comes to marketing, is awesome.

Here’s the link to his Podcast. Check it out, if its something of interest you can also reach out to him to be a guest!