I think during these unprecedented times, it’s really easy to go into opportunity or ideas overwhelm. 

I’m working with a lot of businesses at the moment. And as we’re coming out of the other side of this pandemic, and they’re starting to see where their business sits and the path forward, they’ve got these opportunities or ideas. But what I’m noticing is a lot of people are holding back and waiting. Waiting for that big thing, Waiting for things to return to normal, maybe. 

Here’s the thing, anyone that’s playing defense right now in their business will lose. Now, I’m not saying you should be arrogant to the circumstances, I’m not saying that you should take an unwanted risk. What I’m saying is you need to understand the opportunity that sits in front of you, and ask yourself, what’s the quickest path to profit and cash flow that aligns with your business and values? 

Then, go and implement that. 

Often, it’s not the most complex, it’s often not going to make you the most money. But remember, success and failure don’t happen overnight. It’s about consistency, it’s about putting things out there, it’s about testing, it’s about measuring, it’s about continually growing day on day. 

So if you’re finding that you’ve got all these ideas, but they’re not coming to action, I want you to choose one today and put it into action. That’s where the results come, results don’t come from the greatest ideas. results come from those ideas being turned into action.