Are you running your business like a pro or an amateur? 

I want to give a key distinction here. 

Professionals in all walks of life, ensure that their decisions are driven by data. Whether this is an elite athlete, a successful business person, or even just people in life. They understand their key success metrics, and they’re measuring them all the time. 

Take Roger Federer for instance, one of the world’s greatest tennis players. Do you think he knows what his stats are around first serves in? Do you think he knows his stats around forehand winners versus backhand winners, versus unforced errors et cetera? He knows the key metrics. Not only does he know his own key metrics, he knows those of his key competitors as well. And understanding enables him to raise his standard to continue to be the best. It’s not just about ranking. Ranking is the lag measure. It’s all the things that lead up to him being number one. 

Do you understand the key metrics so that you can rank number one? and number one is not necessarily number one in the world or number one in your industry, it’s what number one means to you. 

But pros measure, amateurs don’t. Amateurs rely on gut feel, amateurs rely on a hope strategy. Amateurs will only start looking at the numbers when the shit hits the fan.

Things aren’t going the way they want and they realize that in order to start moving forward and become a pro they need to make data-driven decisions to succeed. 

Data-driven decisions around their marketing, data-driven decisions around their sales conversion, data-driven decisions around their finances, at what they will spend, the profitability, their cash flow, the works. They don’t just rely on looking at their bank account and hoping there’s going to be some more money in the account tomorrow. 

It can be predictable if you know what to look at and when to look at it. And this is what a pro does. A Pro is looking at the key metrics at the right time to make decisions that influence their future and make it more predictable. 

If you’d like some help with this, feel free to book a call. We’re happy to offer a 45-minute call and help you set up what the key metrics are for you in your business. Just get in touch.