I find it so interesting how much drama exists inside small businesses these days.  It reminds me of being in a school playground.  People bitching and whinging about insignificant crap that serves nobody and certainly doesn’t serve your business.  Many business owners allow this drama to exist and in a lot of circumstances feed the drama by buying into it.  All this does is create a toxic environment and repels your A players.

So, you might be asking “how do you eliminate drama from your business?”.  It all starts with you!  You need to raise your standard and stop allowing this behaviour to exist.  It often begins with you needing to stop complaining and/or gossiping and taking responsibility for everything that is going on in your company.

Second, you need to draw a line in the sand and be clear that this behaviour will no longer be tolerated.  Calling a team meeting to discuss this point specifically ensures that everyone understands the importance of changing this behaviour as well as allowing everyone to hear from you directly.  In this meeting, you need to apologise for allowing this behaviour to exist and make it very clear it will no longer be tolerated.  

Third, you MUST reset the clear rules of the game.  Here is an example:

Rule #1: Do the right thing.

  1. Have a plan, work the plan
  2. Measure your results
  3. Be accountable – see it; own it; solve it; do it

Rule #2: Do the best you can

  1. Turn problems to opportunities
  2. Add value by becoming part of the solution
  3. Act with a sense of urgency… Do it now!
  4. Ask the question: “What else can I do?”
  5. Ask for coaching: “What can I do better?”
  6. Reject average and “good enough”
  7. Learn, correct, improve and grow

Rule #3: Show others that you care

  1. Show respect
  2. Say: ”Please. Thank you. You’re welcome. I’m sorry.”
  3. Show and express appreciation
  4. Have each other’s back (“I got you!”)
  5. Engage as a team

Last, you need to raise the accountability to the new way of being in your business and ensure there is zero-tolerance for drama.  It will take a little time to eliminate this from your business, but believe me you and everyone in your business will thank you – and your business performance will kick to a whole new level.