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About Wisdom Consulting Group

Wisdom Consulting helps ambitious entrepreneurs define their own version of ‘success’. While profit and systems are central to business success, it’s freedom and time outside the grind that define us as individuals. With Wisdom, you’ll achieve the balance you need to succeed against criteria that are meaningful to you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

 Matt is a passionate, down-to-earth, and highly knowledgeable business coach. He is truly one of the best, and I very much recommend!

– Jocelyn Doherty-Crimmins

We have worked with Matt for over 12 months. He has been extremely helpful working with organising parts of the business and bringing in new ideas. Matt has helped in lifting the profile of the business.

– Andy Hills

I highly recommend Matt for any business growth and development strategies. Starting, or taking over an existing business is always difficult and easy to get lost in and overwhelmed with. Matt is awesome at bringing things back to reality to allow you to think and focus clearer with the right goals in mind. RESULTS is what Matt’s about!!

– Tamie Tsolakis

Matt is very unlike your average business coach. Matt gets in there with the business owner and gets his hands dirty from day 1. We’ve been around hundreds of business coaches and Matt stands out from the crowd with his ability and experience to make a business grow. There are talkers and there are doers and Matt is certainly a doer, he is a great choice for any business wanting to grow, become more sustainable and become successful.

– Michael Griffiths

Matt has the ability to explain complex matters in a way that is easy to understand. He uses his broad knowledge across many industries to provide examples and potential solutions.

– Amanda Fisher


Wisdom Consulting works hands-on with business owners, managers and senior leadership teams to harness the challenges and opportunities businesses face in today’s fiercely competitive and fast-paced global economy.


Wisdom’s coaching programs offer a combination of accountability and education to accelerate business growth and success. Learn how to create a business that serves you – not the other way around.

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Happy 2021! Let’s get clear on your year

Happy 2021! Let’s get clear on your year

Happy 2021. I want to welcome you all to this year.  I really think it's going to be an amazing year in business and in life. 2020 was such a turbulent year on so many levels that it's really prepared people and business owners for this year. And I wanted to...

How to forecast in your business

How to forecast in your business

Forecasting in your business is very similar to artificial intelligence, AI.  You see, for artificial intelligence to become smarter, it requires the user to use it more. Take, for example, your iPhone. If you use Siri regularly, then what happens over time is...

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