“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

This is a famous quote from Michael Gerber in the book, The E Myth. And I know for many of you, you’ve heard this before, but this simple principle can shift an entire company’s focus when you start to measure the correct things. 

When we start working with a company and help them build out their dashboards and their KPIs, a lot of business owners try to complicate this. They try to measure too many things. They try and put all the information into one spreadsheet or dashboard and it becomes is a vomit of information. 

Keep it simple.

If you need to delve into detail, the details are there. But on a periodic basis, you don’t need all the detail. You need enough information to know what’s happening in your company and what levers you need to push or pull to move you towards your objectives. 

We help our clients build a simple CEO dashboard. And this CEO dashboard is a simple tool that enables you to measure key financial metrics, key marketing metrics, key sales metrics, and key operational metrics. 

You should be looking at this on a weekly basis so that you get the trends and consistency of these measures to be able to make strong decisions. 

We’ve got a really simple template too. If you think this would be helpful, just get in touch and say “CEO dashboard” and we will send you a copy of our template dashboard so that you can start implementing it into your business today. 

Understand that when you start to look at simple key information regularly, whether that’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly,  all of a sudden your perspective of your business, what you’re doing, what you shouldn’t be doing, where the energy is going and the effectiveness of where that energy’s going, will become clear to you. 

Until you get some clarity around this on a regular basis, you’re flying blind, you’re relying on gut feel. And gut feel stands for Gave Up Thinking. 

So, again, if you’d like a copy of our template, just get in touch and we will send you a copy of our simple template that you can start using today.