Business Consulting for Real World Results

Wisdom Consulting works hands-on with business owners, managers and senior leadership teams to harness the challenges and opportunities businesses face in today’s fiercely competitive and fast-paced global economy.

Blindfolded by routine and overwhelm, business owners often misdiagnose the root cause of an issue and overcomplicate the solutions. Wisdom’s back-to-basics, no-nonsense approach to consulting helps companies get the right diagnosis from the outset, and gain clarity on a path to better business.

While the motivation for engaging a consultant is commonly problem-centric, Wisdom’s ability to control near-crisis situations, while simultaneously exploring opportunities for growth, saw one client’s annual revenue skyrocket from $500,000 to $12million in just 18 months.

Wisdom’s holistic approach to business draws from experience across a range of disciplines and industries to create integrated solutions that address the following areas.

Core Values & Team Alignment

When formulated and applied effectively, core values can significantly influence company culture, reverberating through all areas of a business from leadership to public perception. Get help resetting your core values, reviewing your organisational structure and aligning your team to achieve unprecedented levels of employee satisfaction that directly affect your bottom line.


Business Planning & Strategy

The business world moves fast. A traditional “business plan” is no longer the set and forget framework it once was, with technology and innovation creating more opportunity and more competition than ever before. Having the foresight and agility to re-strategise and re-route accordingly differentiates the industry leaders from the lackeys.

Financial Forecasting, Modelling & Reporting

The financial health of your company should be a daily priority, not a semi-regular checkup. Wisdom Consulting helps businesses identify financial wastage, as well as predict future earning potential through advanced modelling and reporting systems that allow your company to make informed decisions based on detailed financial data.

Marketing & Sales Training

Wisdom Consulting believes in building and continually testing sales funnels to ensure a constant stream of leads for sales staff and software to convert. Wisdom’s recommendations are based on a combination of traditional and contemporary sales and marketing strategies, and supported by staff training and workshops to ensure your business thrives, not merely survives.

Process & Systems

Lack of time and money are the two main objections to change and process optimisation. With the help of an external consultant to communicate the long-term financial and time-saving benefits of implementing and optimising systems to relevant stakeholders, businesses can begin to realise their full potential with support from everyone involved.

Adaptation & Innovation

Re-imagining, re-packaging, re-sizing and re-pricing… The possibilities are endless, as long as you’re ready to test, measure and re-route when required. From adopting new technology, identifying new markets and pioneering new delivery models, Wisdom has the know-how, networks and experience to make a good idea GREAT.

This list is by no means exhaustive and due to the unique nature of each business, additional fields of expertise may be employed to fully address your company’s needs.

Getting Started: The Discovery Session

To begin the process, your Wisdom consultant holds a 60-minute Discovery Session with your senior leadership team to discuss the obstacles in your business and perform a high-level financial review.

During this session, your consultant extracts a range of information needed to obtain a 360-degree view of your business; past, present and future.

If additional information is required following the session, your consultant works with your team to conduct surveys, gather financial statements, analyse customer reviews and collect any other evidence that may provide a deeper understanding of the ‘icebergs’ and opportunities identified.

After reviewing the data, your consultant presents you with a comprehensive Recommendations Report outlining a realistic strategy for reaching your business goals, including future growth opportunities, with consideration to your industry, company culture and available resources.


Feeling tired, frustrated or stuck? Learn how an external consultant can help your business progress to the next level with fresh perspective.