What Gets Measured Gets Managed

We get it. You need to see your business in ways that actually make sense to you...  The great news is that as the world has moved online it has provided entrepreneurs with access to business financials, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), on-demand.

When those KPIs are presented on a dashboard alongside a business forecast, they can illustrate how today’s decisions are impacting tomorrow’s financials.

Wisdom Consulting Group is here to help you gain clarity into your business numbers with custom KPI dashboards and forecasts to empower insights and informed decision making.

Are You Only Being Told Half The Story?

So often the KPIs that are being measured are only telling half the story or are the wrong metrics to be focusing on in the first place.  With so much data at our fingertips it is easy to become overwhelmed and hence rely 100 percent on ‘gut’ feeling when making important business decisions. 

We’ll ensure you get access to 100% of the story behind your business financials and data, and that you understand how to use the data when making business decisions.  


  •       Have the details needed to make the most informed business decisions
  •       Be on top of cash flow and income projections, so that you know when you can relax a little and when you need to drive more sales
  •       Be aware of the return on investment (ROI) on big-ticket purchases and spending decisions (much smarter than asking the magic 8-ball right?)

We’ll be your personal financial translator, providing you with all this insight. This will enable you to focus your efforts on growing your business, increasing profitability, and investing your time where you feel it’s important.

6 Core Benefits of a Great CFO

Business Strategy

CFOs can contribute to the formulation of business strategy, and ensure that your plans and actions align with your goals. A CFO in this function will assist with significant decisions, involving buy and sell transactions, cash flow impact of decisions, product & pricing, customer value proposition, hiring and firing of staff.

Faster Data

Your business needs financial information on time and at its fingertips to make better decisions.  You need to evaluate the financial impact of your decisions fast so you can keep moving with an understanding of best and worst case scenarios. You need to feel confident that your accounting information is current and accurate.

Peace Of Mind

An outsourced CFO provides you with the peace of mind knowing your business is accurate and up-to-date.


Insights and Accountability

CFOs give you the ability to gain insight into your business and analyse your performance. They allow you to make informed decisions about your business’ future and keep you on track to reach your potential.  This is all done via the monthly meeting as well as providing commentary on results, analysing performance and on-going performance monitoring.

Clear Focus

The value of a great CFO extends beyond peace of mind.  Gaining clarity on your profitability, your cash flow and your strategic direction will help you survive and thrive.  This is done through ensuring you have a dashboard, established KPI’s, a profit and loss forecast, a cashflow forecast, a tax plan.

Saves You Time

Typically the owner of the business attempts to play the role of CEO and CFO.  By outsourcing the CFO function you will have more time to focus on growth activities knowing that all the relevant data you need is prepared and at your fingertips.  You will also have a strategic financial sounding board to help you make faster decisions.

Better Optics = Better Decisions = More Money

Want to Learn How our CFO Services can Support You through the COVID-19 Crisis?

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