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Talking with a qualified CFO today could open up incredible new ways of delivering profit and success in your business.

Your In-House CFO (No Desk Required)

Unless you’re a large company with huge profits, it can be hard to justify a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on the team.

But only an experienced CFO can deliver you the financial insights and strategy needed for your business to succeed.

If chatting with your accountant once-a-year about your tax returns isn’t getting you the results you want, then talk with us. We’ll give you the advice you need, without increasing your head-count.


Informed Decision Making

We interpret your financial data so you can make informed decisions  about your business


Establish Advanced KPIs

We drill deep into the numbers to establish advanced KPIs for your entire team.  


Smart Cashflow Forecasts

Establish advanced cashflow forecasting so your business has the metrics to succeed.

I think, as a business owner, you need to have an understanding of the figures in your business, but you can’t do everything. If I hadn’t had Matt’s support as CFO, I’m not sure that I would still be sitting here as the CEO of Real Therapy Solutions.

Amanda Wood

CEO, Real Therapy Solutions

Question: How are you tracking?

Every year, we ask hundreds of different business owners what their ‘numbers’ are, and get the same answer every time:

I think we’re doing ok?

What they’re really saying is they are ‘flying blind’ (which is how so many businesses get into trouble or fail to thrive). 

We give you a crystal clear view of what’s holding your business back, and actionable data that can steer you in the right direction.

Getting to understand your money ‘flow’ makes a massive difference in how you view your business.

  • What’s your actual profit on each product or service you sell?
  • What’s your Budget vs Actual for the quarter?
  • How have you optimised your cash, debt and assets to deliver more business growth?
  • Where does your money go each month?
  • Do you know what questions to ask to interpret your data?

We’ll help you to find all of these answers, so you can start making strategic decisions using real data.

It’s Time to Become a Professional in Your Business

Delivered in a way that saves you time

All too often, we see business owners who have booming enterprises but little time to focus on the fundamentals. The sort of info that could help them claw-back time while making them even more money.

✅ Concise, easy-to-read reports
✅ Personalised, over-the-phone advice
✅ Driving more efficiency, with more profit

If you’ve ever wished your business could free you up for more of the things you love, then we’ll be happy to show you a better way. 

Here Are Just Some of the Things We’ll Help You With


KPI’s that drive success every day

Without good Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your entire team – from the CEO down you won’t know if you’re on track towards your goals. We’ll help you establish a comprehensive set of KPIs to monitor marketing, sales, profit, and expenses, so you not only achieve your financial goals, you smash them.


Dashboards and reports that make sense

We’ll set up a comprehensive dashboard that displays all your key business metrics. This service is invaluable – as it shows everything, all in one place. Analyse your figures in seconds and run reports on anything you want to track. Spreadsheet style or graphs, we’ll design your dashboard in a way that works best for you.

Intelligent P&L + Cashflow Forecasting

Judging your business health by your bank balance is a fast way to failure. We’ll help you establish an accurate Profit & Loss and Cashflow Forecasting, so you’ll know when you’re doing fine and when you need more focus.

Consultative Planning to keep you on track

Strategic decisions need to be made throughout the year with everything you do (not just the week of June 30). We’ll proactively work with you to plan out your year ahead, setting you up for an impressive financial result.

Targeted, On-Call Advice & Coaching

Looking at a new office lease? Hiring new staff? Wanting to dispose of an asset? Considering finance? An on-call CFO who understands your business means you can make decisions that’ll move you forward (not set you back thousands of dollars).

Tell us about your business today and let’s see what we can optimise for you.

The best thing I ever did (and I wish I did it sooner as it would have saved me a lot of money) was hire Matt and the team at Wisdom. He’s like a big cuddly teddy bear of Wisdom! He shines a light on the exact areas of your business where things are getting missed.

I’ve learned that gross profit is vanity and net profit is sanity! If it wasn’t for Matt I wouldn’t have any cash reserves at all, I would probably have gone broke. I”m just looking at my Xero now, and from last financial year compared to the year before, we are up 166% so the figures speak for themselves. Great team, much respect, much love. I feel supported and would recommend the team to anyone.

Stephen Whittaker

Owner, Dragon Roofing Restoration

Transform Your Results Straightaway

You’d be surprised at the incredible things a consulting CFO can do for you.

We helped one new client discover that they had $7.8 million in ‘abandoned cart’ orders on their website in a single five-month period!

We found a superannuation payment error for one of our clients that would have meant enormous implications for the bonus pays of two of their managers and financial consequences for the company that far outweighed our affordable monthly fee.

What profits are you missing out on?

What Will I Get in My Consultation?

At Wisdom Consulting Group, we’re all about providing quality, actionable advice that you can apply in your business straight away.

We’ll chat with you about your business, what your current challenges are, and what goals you’d like to achieve.

From there, we’ll suggest some strategies that you can use to your advantage, and if you wish, discuss what we can help you with longer-term.

Meet Our Lead CFO – Matt Malouf

Matt has helped thousands of businesses to succeed and is ready to help you too.

✅ Ernst & Young trained accountant
✅ Started, grown and exited multiple businesses
✅ During the GFC in 2008, he grew his annual profits by 25%
✅ Currently the CFO & Lead Business Strategist to numerous Australian and overseas companies

I love nothing more than helping business owners get in control of their businesses so they can enjoy more time, more money and more freedom.”

I used to avoid looking at the numbers and always just look at the revenue, but since working with Matt and fleshing out what the plan is, checking in at regular intervals about what the plan is and deciding what the key numbers were, I’ve been in a much better place of clarity. My business has grown by double, our profitability is up past industry standard, and I couldn’t be happier with the support that I’m getting.

Ryan Spaccavento

CEO, Coffee on Cue

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