Plan and strategise your way to business success

With the help of our expert Business Strategist & CFO Matt Malouf, you can master-plan your business growth, goals, and exit strategy

Get the clarity, direction and steps you need for fast growth

Every entrepreneur has that ‘fire’ inside them that makes them want to create value from an idea put into action.

But even the most cashed-up businesspeople have walked away frustrated and penniless from not having made a solid plan at the start.

If you would like to master plan the future of your business (and you’re doing a minimum $750k annual turnover and use Xero accounting software), then get in touch with us today.

What business are you in?

At Wisdom Consulting Group, we ask lots of questions like this so that we can get to the real answers (answers that can make a massive difference to your future as an entrepreneur).

In our business planning and strategy session, we’ll ask you things like:


  • What business are you really in?
  • Why are you in this business?
  • What’s your ‘genius’ in the business – Technician? Manager? Entrepreneur?
  • Who are your current clients? Are they ideal?
  • Where are you in the life-cycle of your business?
  • What are your goals? Quarterly? Yearly? 3 Years?
  • What does your business performance look like in all of the critical areas you manage? (Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, HR etc.)

If questions like these are making you think about your business (and what you could achieve with some guidance), then get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

Here’s how we’ll make your vision a reality

Excellent business planning is about clarifying your vision and then breaking it down into a structured set of goals and steps to follow.

After that, it’s all about putting it into action.

 ✔ We’ll revisit and reset your vision, mission and values so that your ‘why’ is crystal clear.

✔ Starting with a three-year goal, we’ll create 12-month and 90-day goals to aim for.

✔ We’ll create an organisational chart that aligns with your longer-term goals (so you can plan for hiring, training and employee advancement).

✔ We’ll work out what ideas you’d like to put into action over the next 12 months.

✔ We’ll create a list of 5 – 8 growth-accelerating projects that need to be worked on ASAP.

From this process, you’ll have not only a comprehensive business plan, but you’ll also have a detailed 90-day action plan with clear guidelines to follow.

What gets planned, gets done. So let’s get it done today.

You can have the ‘exit’ you want if you make the right first step

 It’s hard to match the incredible levels of wealth that can be generated from success in business.

Whether it’s replacing yourself so you can enjoy a dream lifestyle; aiming for a sale or ASX listing; or simply a family succession – we can help you master plan your way to the exit you dream of.

Here’s what our clients have said about us

Matt and the team are professional and over-deliver on their promises every time. We now have a much clearer view of our metrics and process’s keep improving. Can’t fault them. 6 Stars!

Stephen Whittaker

Matt and the team have been an integral part of taking our business to the next level. He has been a solid sounding board for us and given a definite ways to report on, track and scale our business. Matt came highly recommended to me and I definitely recommend his services to others looking for coaching and guidance in business. Thanks Matt. We look forward to continuing to prosper with your guidance.

Aaron McAllister

Coaching is an amazing way to stay in track. I engaged Matt to help me work on many areas of my business. But most of the work was done on me. I respect Matt for his skills and abilities plus he has a massive amount of knowledge. Nothing he can’t contribute to.

Peter Honey

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