It’s amazing how many business lessons are around us just in everyday living.  And I want to tell a story of my son’s soccer team and how that can relate to your business. 

I have the privilege of coaching my son’s soccer team with another guy, Adam. And a couple of weeks ago, we played the bottom team, we’re coming second on the table, and the boys got complacent. They trained really poorly. Their warmup was really, really average. And they went out there and they were fortunate enough to win, but it was honestly the worst game I’ve seen them play. 

And that’s not just my opinion. At halftime I asked them, “Out of 10, how would you rate how you’re playing right now?” And they gave themselves a three out of 10. 

The week after we were playing the top team. And for us to win the Cup, we had to beat this team. And we went to training and I asked the boys, do they wanna win? And they all said yes. They put their heads down, they had a great training session. They had a great warmup at the game. 

We didn’t win, but they played the best game I’d seen these guys play. 

You’ve got to ask yourself in your business off the back of this story, how are you training and how are you warming up each day? 

Are you training to win the competition? 

Are you training to grow your business at the rate that you want to grow it, or are you just showing up everyday, doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result? 

How you train is how you perform. 

  • Are you reading books? 
  • Are you listening to audios?
  • Are you attending courses? 
  • Are you seeking the advice of others that can fast-track you to your success? 
  • Are you just focused on social media and emails, or are you, each day, focusing on becoming a better version of yourself? 
  • Are you well time managed? 
  • Are you focused? 
  • Are you understanding what it’s gonna take today to move you towards your goals?

Ask yourself today.

I hope this has been helpful and I look forward to chatting to you soon.