Get to Know More About Matt and the Wisdom Business Philosophy

Wisdom Consulting helps ambitious entrepreneurs define their own version of ‘success’. While profit and systems are central to business success, it’s freedom and time outside the grind that define us as individuals. With Wisdom, you’ll achieve the balance you need to succeed against criteria that’s meaningful to you.

Learn how to reverse engineer your dream lifestyle by designing a business that gives you more freedom to enjoy your success by aligning the right strategy, with the right people, to serve the right customer… It’s a simple equation, with profound outcomes.

“Success is being able to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, in a manner you want.” ~ Matt Malouf


To help 1,000 business owners achieve >$500k profit working 44 weeks per year and max 30 hours per week


To help business owners achieve freedom and fulfilment through their business success



We strive for win:win in all circumstances


Extra Mile

We  always go the extra mile


Constant and Never-ending Improvement

Solutions Focused

We believe the solution to a challenge exists – we just need to find it

People First

We put our people first


We take what we do seriously and enjoy a laugh along the way


Matt Malouf

Matt Malouf

CEO and Head Coach/CFO

Based: Sydney, NSW

 Matt launched his career at Ernst & Young after graduating from Sydney University in Accounting & Finance. He has since enjoyed a varied career working with start-up ventures, through to some of Australia’s largest companies including Rio Tinto, AMP, and Aon Hewitt, enabling Matt to teach entrepreneurs how to apply big business principles in a small business environment to fast track growth.


Sam Hedges

Sam Hedges

Partner and Office Manager

Based: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Sam has been working with Matt for over 7 years. With a strong background in systems and project management, Sam ensures smooth sailing of the behind the scenes. In her spare time she loves being with her family, drinking cocktails, hiking and yoga.


Lim Habib

Lim Habib

Senior Accounts Executive


Lim is an experienced ACCA Accountant, with a firm grip on accounting software & forecasting, who hold’s a Master’s in Accounting from Kaplan Business School, Melbourne Australia.

As the Senior Accounts Executive at Wisdom, Lim provides valuable data and analysis to clients to make their financial goals achievable.

Outside of work, he likes to listen to music, spend time in the garden and kitchen, and spend quality time with family. He is also a keen swimmer, cricketer & virtual gamer.

Vanessa Canoy

Vanessa Canoy

Virtual Assistant

Based: Philippines

Vanessa has been with the team for over 9 years. She has gained valuable experience working online. She provides top-notch support to the team and believes that success in working online is achieved through communication, quality of work, and attention to detail that exceeds client expectations. She is a full-time mom to her children and enjoys spending time with the family, watching Netflix series, and working out with her husband.



The Stop Doing List

Matt’s book, The Stop Doing List, gets you off the treadmill of unproductive activity, and on the path to growth. Running a business has never been easy, but today’s 24/7 world makes moving forward more difficult than ever before. Plenty of resources can show you how to make lists, create schedules and manage your time, but expect your time to be 100% devoted to work – it’s no way to live, and no way to grow.

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